Upcoming Overseas Trips

Socorro Island & Cabo Pulmo Diving and Eco Expedition 2018

April 7 - April 17

The remote location of Socorro Island is synonymous with big fish action, particularly manta rays, varieties of sharks (hammerheads, silkies, oceanic whitetips, silvertips, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks and whale sharks), pods of pelagic dolphins and humpback whales. Located 291 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, this surreal destination is considered to be the sister island of Galapagos. We began arrangements back in 2015 to ensure we dive the best few weeks in April, which is the epic time to swim with massive humpback whales in numbers reaching up to 1,200 migrating through the waters. You can find the biggest mantas in the world, which their behavior here is unique from anywhere else. These 12-16-foot giant mantas of Socorro seek out intimate interactions with divers as they dance around you. As the newest boat in the Nautilus fleet, which underwent renovations in late 2016, Ocean Safari will embark the Nautilus Under Sea for a 9 day expedition to the beautiful Revillagigedo Archipelago, or more commonly known as Socorro Island. Once we disembark the Under Sea in the morning, we will transfer to the beautiful rustic resort in Cabo Pulmo. You will not find anything like Cabo Pulmo which is the home to the ONLY living coral reef in the Pacific Northern America providing a safe haven for many of the 800 species of marine animals. Every diver must check Cabo Pulmo off their bucket list to see the best of the northern Pacific.  We will spend two days at the resort with the stunning Sierra de la Giganta backdrop and desert scenery where it feels like being in old Mexico. Join us in April 2018 for a trip of a lifetime!


Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia Expedition 2018: Fakarava to Rangiroa atoll

July 25 - August 4

Relax on pristine sandy beaches, glide through crystal clear waters, explore dynamic dive sites. Most divers only dream of plunging into the warm remote waters of French Polynesia. Join the Ocean Safari Dive Team as we embark on the eco diving expedition of a lifetime. Spend 9 days aboard the brand new and luxurious French Polynesia Master Liveaboard as we cruise through the Tuamotu Archipelago from the exotic atolls of Fakarava to Rangiroa. Enjoy an exciting combination of dive sites from stunning reefs, to breathtaking plateaus, to lush coral gardens and more.

Dive day and night with brilliant marine life in great abundance in these tropical waters and visit the islands to relax on secluded beaches. Keep a look out for migrating groups of humpback whales that frequent these waters in large numbers.

Kick back on the 5 stars Master Livaboard. This accommodating yacht offers deluxe and spacious cabins equipped with personal air conditioning units. With several outdoor and indoor lounges, plasma screens, guest storage, a sundeck with two Jacuzzi’s, and much more. This epic Liveaboard holds nothing back.

Begin your diving adventure with an amazing shark display. Yes, sharks! Hooked to a reef wall, we will watch hammerheads, tiger sharks, reef sharks, and more. Glide over abundant coral gardens, swim alongside turtles, and an overwhelming variety of tropical reef fish.

Bring your camera, bring your reef hook, bring your flashlight! Because this diving adventure has it all. With limited seats filling up quick, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in 20+ dives at this amazing location.


Sea of Cortez and Northern Baja Diving/Eco Expedition 2018: Enseneda to Bahia de Los Angeles

September 19 - September 24

Journey with us through towering mountain ranges and a picturesque desert to the turquoise waters of Bahia de Los Angeles! You will gasp at the sight of some of the world’s tallest cacti speckled all over the vast Sonoran desert. We will descend from the mountain ranges into the indescribable view of Bahia de Los Angeles, a secluded gem on the Gulf of California coast. There we will snorkel with numerous whale sharks, and dive in one of the most biodiverse bodies of waters in the world, which Jacques Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World.” The marine ecosystem...


Solomon Islands Diving & Eco Expedition 2018

November 25 - December 8

The Solomon Islands are a vast archipelago of 992 islands nestled between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. Due to the remote location and short supply of dive operators, the islands and waters of the Solomon's are one of the most seldom visited and pristine in the world. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions in building a custom itinerary to explore not just the beauty under the water, but to also dive into the beauty of the land and its people. We will be living on the newly built 100ft luxury steel yacht, Taka, who is the latest and greatest live aboard to sail the waters of the Solomon Islands.

On our 14 days expedition we will have the opportunity to see amazing sights such as the Leru Cut, dive through lava tubes, explore around under water volcanoes, WW2 wrecks, and see one of the healthiest and bio diverse reefs in the world with 500 species of coral, thousands of species of reef fish, sharks, sea horse, and much more. On land we will get to experience the local customs first hand by visiting local villages, markets, and sacred caves full of skulls, We will also be introduced to the some of the finest wood carvers in the world, and have an opportunity to purchase some of their art to bring back home if desired. 

Real adventure awaits you on our custom tailored expedition to the most pristine waters of this rarely visited gem of the south pacific. Join Ocean Safari's team of like-minded explorers to set foot (and fins) upon the Solomon Islands, and be one of the lucky few to experience this part of the world.


The Best of Philippines - Batangas to Tubbataha Diving & Eco Expedition 2019

March 17 - March 27

Adventure through crystal blue depths to discover historic WW2 wrecks. Find yourself submerged in a mysterious hidden lake. Embrace the pristine beauty of the Tubbataha reef, a Unesco world heritage site, in the middle of Sulu sea. Experience the best Philippines has to offer while indulging on-board the MV Discovery Palawan. Floating at over 500 tons and 165 ft in length, the 10knot Lloyds registered class vessel is an impressive one to be on.


Baja Pacific Coast Diving and Eco Adventure 2019

June 23 - July 2

If you are thirsty for true adventure, our custom live-aboard trip up the Pacific Baja Peninsula is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dive this rarely explored section of this coastline. During this journey, you will dive pinnacles in uncharted territory, explore sub-tropical reef systems, and bask in the vast temperate kelp forests. This trip will be unlike any other trip you have ever been on!


Komodo Focus, Indonesia Diving and Eco Expedition 2019

August 23 - September 4

Diving the Komodo Archipelago in Indonesia is the BEST in the world for action, biodiversity, and excitement. Many of the oceanic current superhighways merge here, mixing the cold water from the south and warm tropical waters. The currents bring nutrients and food, making Komodo a concentrated area of both both big and small marine animals. You will see marine life that you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world! Plus, on land, you will see the world's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. It is not surprising that Komodo was chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.